Selena has been at her quiet rural boarding school almost her entire life. She and her mates have succeeded in keeping stuff interesting, despite a total lack of resources. But when new kid Cai Addams shows up mid term, mid week, mid night, things are set to change. Moody, distant, secretive Cai is quick to make enemies and push people away. Despite his best efforts to keep everyone at a safe distance, Selena finds herself being drawn into his labyrinth.

Cai didn’t put himself into this impossible situation and he cannot see a way out. With a pack of angry mobsters on his tail and a head full of unanswered questions, Cai resolves to ride out whatever is thrown at him. What he doesn’t need is a pack of immature class mates getting in his way, weaving their way into his problems, putting themselves into the kind of trouble that ruins, even ends lives.

This novel is currently going through rewrites.

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