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Zomzara is the narrator of a three part urban fantasy epic, he is also my internet alias. This story is set across a multiverse of worlds, some magic, some ordinary, some in-between. When Zomzara was sixteen he was given the last of the five rings of immortality, which boosts his strength, chi count (magic ability), renders him immortal and strips him of his emotions and empathy, essentially making him soulless.

Over four hundred years later and the ring is stolen from Zomzara and he’s catapulted into the emotional whirlwind of being sixteen-years-old again. It doesn’t help matters that whilst he was wearing the ring he was blackmailed into a signing a contract to work with terrorist organisation, The Freeborn Alliance.

When Zomzara finds his ring again, it doesn’t return him back to the emotionless steely fighting machine he’s been for the last four-hundred years: his teenager mentality sticks and he begins to question why the ring came into his possession in the first place. The Freeborn Alliance claim they are trying to save Gaia (the personification of the multiverse) from being destroyed by humanity’s self-destruction. Zomzara comes to realise that he has a part to play in saving Gaia, but maybe his realisation comes too late…

I started writing this when I was fifteen. I think I will still be writing it when I am fifty. Some day I’ll finish it. It’s pretty epic…

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