The Orchard

Fi’s stepdad is doing time for child abduction, and it’s all her fault. One stupid decision destroyed everything: tore Fi’s family apart, distanced her from friends, and sparked school into a hotbed of gossip.

Fi’s fragile equilibrium is pushed to breaking point when she is hurtled into a strange other world that can be manipulated by imaginative thoughts. Whenever Fi feels cut-loose, she fades into this quirky and creative world where she meets and falls for aloof loner, Marc.

The more time she spends here the more mysteries unfold: she experiences strange flashbacks to forgotten memories, and begins to question the events leading up to her stepdad’s arrest. As a strange slow-moving comet tracks across the sky, Fi realises that she and Marc must find a permanent way out of this world before the comet strikes and destroys everything.

A psychological journey into the heart and mind, and a quest for inner truth.

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Tarmigan, trained fighter and mage, is driven by revenge and is on a quest to track down the mysterious mage responsible for murdering her entire family.

Tired of his tedious guarding job, lazy wannabe Knight, Linc, is looking to make a name for himself.

Tor is a chilled-out village medicine-man with a complicated past that’s just about to catch up with him.

Circumstances pull Linc and Tor into Tarmigan’s quest and the three of them set out to track down the mage, skirting around the edges of Arthurian legend.  Last of the Fae is a fantasy set in anachronistic Dark Age Britain.

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It’s been ten years since Georgina and Dillon Parker’s mother died. But how did she die? Why won’t their neglectful dad tell them what happened? Dillon is determined to get to the bottom of it, once and for all. With Dillon off unearthing the past, his little sister Georgie is left to her own devices in what is panning out to be the most turbulent week ever.

Kicking the Moon is a novel for teenagers about parkour, making friends, losing friends, and learning to let go of the past. It’s currently being edited. Keep your specs peeled for more info.

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Selena has been at her quiet rural boarding school almost her entire life. She and her mates have succeeded in keeping stuff interesting, despite a total lack of resources. But when new kid Cai Addams shows up mid term, mid week, mid night, things are set to change. Moody, distant, secretive Cai is quick to make enemies and push people away. Despite his best efforts to keep everyone at a safe distance, Selena finds herself being drawn into his labyrinth.

Cai didn’t put himself into this impossible situation and he cannot see a way out. With a pack of angry mobsters on his tail and a head full of unanswered questions, Cai resolves to ride out whatever is thrown at him. What he doesn’t need is a pack of immature class mates getting in his way, weaving their way into his problems, putting themselves into the kind of trouble that ruins, even ends lives.

This novel is currently going through rewrites.

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Zomzara is the narrator of a three part urban fantasy epic, he is also my internet alias. This story is set across a multiverse of worlds, some magic, some ordinary, some in-between. When Zomzara was sixteen he was given the last of the five rings of immortality, which boosts his strength, chi count (magic ability), renders him immortal and strips him of his emotions and empathy, essentially making him soulless.

Over four hundred years later and the ring is stolen from Zomzara and he’s catapulted into the emotional whirlwind of being sixteen-years-old again. It doesn’t help matters that whilst he was wearing the ring he was blackmailed into a signing a contract to work with terrorist organisation, The Freeborn Alliance.

When Zomzara finds his ring again, it doesn’t return him back to the emotionless steely fighting machine he’s been for the last four-hundred years: his teenager mentality sticks and he begins to question why the ring came into his possession in the first place. The Freeborn Alliance claim they are trying to save Gaia (the personification of the multiverse) from being destroyed by humanity’s self-destruction. Zomzara comes to realise that he has a part to play in saving Gaia, but maybe his realisation comes too late…

I started writing this when I was fifteen. I think I will still be writing it when I am fifty. Some day I’ll finish it. It’s pretty epic…

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Winner of Ideastap Editor’s Brief Spring 2012 for the text category.

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Published on Kasma SF, 2011.

A Mars-born child is caught up in a battle for resources between Mars and Earth. He dreams of the Earth in his old picture book, for the green and pleasant land within its folds, for all the tactile rugged beauty of this vanished nature. A science fiction story that is nostalgic for Earth and its wildlife.

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Following a mix-up rooting from a fuzzy phone connection and several misheard words, talented photography student Bull Nazareno finds himself in a Summer School for kids with special abilities. He’s the only kid who’s ability isn’t supernatural.

I’m working on the first draft.

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Published on The Pygmy Giant, 2011.

I see this as an intersection between two stories, the quiet moment between the end of action and the beginning of the next scene, a moment that would usually be excluded from a work of popular fiction. Intersection explores philosophical ideas of time, duty and freedom.

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