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Winner of Ideastap Editor’s Brief Spring 2012 for the text category.

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Published on Kasma SF, 2011.

A Mars-born child is caught up in a battle for resources between Mars and Earth. He dreams of the Earth in his old picture book, for the green and pleasant land within its folds, for all the tactile rugged beauty of this vanished nature. A science fiction story that is nostalgic for Earth and its wildlife.

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Published on The Pygmy Giant, 2008

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Published on The Pygmy Giant, 2011.

I see this as an intersection between two stories, the quiet moment between the end of action and the beginning of the next scene, a moment that would usually be excluded from a work of popular fiction. Intersection explores philosophical ideas of time, duty and freedom.

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Read at London Festival of Words in July 2012 and at Storyslingers 1st Story Slam, Shaftesbury Arts Centre, July 2012.

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Published in Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories as part of National Flash Fiction Day. Available from

An atmospheric flash fiction exploring the effect fox-hunting has on the land, its people, and its wildlife. Nomansland focuses on an ambivalent character stuck between the two opposing sides of this long-fought battle.

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