The Orchard

Fi’s stepdad is doing time for child abduction, and it’s all her fault. One stupid decision destroyed everything: tore Fi’s family apart, distanced her from friends, and sparked school into a hotbed of gossip.

Fi’s fragile equilibrium is pushed to breaking point when she is hurtled into a strange other world that can be manipulated by imaginative thoughts. Whenever Fi feels cut-loose, she fades into this quirky and creative world where she meets and falls for aloof loner, Marc.

The more time she spends here the more mysteries unfold: she experiences strange flashbacks to forgotten memories, and begins to question the events leading up to┬áher stepdad’s arrest. As a strange slow-moving comet tracks across the sky, Fi realises that she and Marc must find a permanent way out of this world before the comet strikes and destroys everything.

A psychological journey into the heart and mind, and a quest for inner truth.

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